Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Take Official Instant Play Sweepstakes - Home Makeover Survey & Win Sweepstakes Reward


Instant Play Sweepstakes - Home Makeover


Sweepstakes Name

Instant Play Sweepstakes - Home Makeover

Sweepstakes Reward

Chance to win $150,000 home makeover

Sweepstakes Regions

United States

Survey Methods


Survey Language


Survey Device

All device operating systems allowed



Instant Play Sweepstakes - Home Makeover Rules :-



1. To eligible for this survey, your age must be minimum 18.


2. To eligible for Instant Play Sweepstakes - Home Makeover, you must be the legal

     residents of the United States.


3. To take part in the online survey you must need your valid e-mail id.


4. There is no other way to take part in this survey except the Online method.


5. Sweepstakes reward can be converted in to cash.


6. You must confirm your e-mail id for eligible survey rewards.


8. The sweepstakes is Void where prohibited.


9. There are all device operating systems allowed.


10. Single person can apply this survey one time.



Instant Play Sweepstakes - Home Makeover Requirements :-



1. A working internet connection is required to fill up the survey online.


2. A valid e-mail id is required to fill up the survey and must be confirm your e-mail id.


3. You must fill up the survey before the expiration of the survey and sweepstakes   



4. An extra fill up can’t increase your chance to win sweepstakes reward.


5. All the users need to adhere to the sweepstakes rules while filling the survey online.



Steps to take Instant Play Sweepstakes - Home Makeover :-



1. First of all, you need to visit the official survey site which is – Click Here


2. Now on the survey homepage enter your valid e-mail id and start the survey by pressing  



3. In the survey, you need to submit your information for complete the survey.


4. At the end submit the survey and upon completion of the survey, you will be Chance to

     win $150,000 home makeover.



N.B. :- In the registration process when you submit your valid e-mail id after registration   

            complete company will be send you a confirmation link in your registered e-mail id

            for validate your e-mail id, you must need to open this mail and click the

            confirmation link for validate your e-mail id and complete your registration process.

            If you don’t do this your registration will be not complete and you don’t get your

            survey rewards.



About Instant Play Sweepstakes - Home Makeover :-



Instant Play Sweepstakes - Home Makeover is a earn money from home Survey. If you successfully complete this survey you will be Chance to win $150,000 home makeover. Users can enter their email for a chance to win a home makeover. We Do Not Sell your information.

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